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The State of Kansas has created a complete COVID-19 Resource Center.


The site is intended to be a one-stop resource for Kansas families and business owners seeking quick access to the information and tools they need to navigate and mitigate the impact of coronavirus in our state.

In collaboration with our Governor, the Legislature, community leaders and Kansans all across this state, we are partners in protecting the health and safety and future of the people of Kansas.

3/36/20 – The Kansas Small  Business Development Center held a  Employer’s Guide to COVID-19 webinar.

The video recording can be found at https://www.kansassbdc.net/covid19.  Forward your timeline to 3:31 and the dialogue will begin.

The accompanying slides are found here:   SBA Small Business Webinar 3-25-20

Please feel free to share with others who did not get to attend.

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