Development Opportunity Profile for Ellis County

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The e2 – Entrepreneurial Ecosystems believes in empowering research – making data-driven decisions about economic development to be more strategic and, ultimately, create the kinds of economic development outcomes and long-term community or regional prosperity you desire. We work hard to build tools and resources that communities can use to access and understand data and turn that raw information into knowledge you can apply in your community. This Development Opportunity Profile was prepared for Ellis County in Kansas by the e2 and Network Kansas for the Ellis County E-Community Teams.

This Development Opportunity Profile is a start on a pathway to prosperity. But, it is only a start. It reflects one view of your region, based on secondary data. We challenge you to build on this work, draw on your own knowledge of the region and its assets, and create a deeper understanding of your unique development opportunities. Then use this understanding to craft and implement a smart development game plan. We hope this Development Opportunity Profile is helpful and contributes to your future development success.

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