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Grow Hays is your partner in business success. Whether you are starting a new business, expanding an existing business, adding to your workforce, need to find financing, or just don’t know where to start on a problem, Grow Hays is here to assist.

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Hays, America is a university community of 20,862 people located halfway between Kansas City and Denver on Interstate 70. We are the regional hub of Northwest Kansas for retail, education, medical service, entertainment, and recreation. Ellis County annually has one of the top retail pull factors in the state.

Our downtown is being revitalized with unique shops and entertainment and the north side of town is expanding with additional retail offerings. We have a very diversified mix of businesses in the area although agriculture and oil are still major parts of the regional economy. The Hays Regional Airport offers four commercial flights each day to Denver. And, according to recent rankings by Progressive Farmer, E-Podunk, and BizJournal, Hays, America has a great quality of life. We happen to agree. Ellis County is also the home of two bedroom communities: Ellis and Victoria.

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